Virtual Visits & Curbside Check-in

Social Distancing & Virtual Visits

Beginning March 17th, in adherence to social distancing and minimizing exposure risk, ALL sick visits must start as a virtual visit with a provider. From there our providers will guide you and determine the next steps for your child’s healthcare. If a test or physical examination is required, a provider will arrange a visit at one of our clinics where our team can meet with you and your child out in the comfort of your family vehicle. In order to reduce risk of exposure, it is requested that only one caregiver and no siblings accompany your child to their appointment. We thank you for your understanding and for maintaining our community’s health during this time.

Virtual visits can be scheduled online and with our scheduling coordinators.

More information about our virtual visits (also known as Telemedicine) can be found here.

Curbside Visits & Check-in

If a physical visit is necessary and scheduled by a provider, drive to the office you are scheduled at and once parked, remain in your vehicle and contact the office you are scheduled at. This is a special number only for curbside visits. Any calls or questions regarding your child’s health and scheduling should be directed to our main line.

[This number is for car side check-in only]
Bee Cave  (512) 553-8877                     (Please Text)
Dripping Springs  (512) 610-7030; Ext 201# (Please Call)
Spicewood (512) 489-0256                     (Please Text)

                                                               In your  message, please include:

                                                              * Your child’s name & date of birth

                                                              * The color/model of your car

                                                              *  Location in parking lot

One of our team members will meet you at your car to examine your child and/or to escort you and your child into our office.
Again, it is requested that only one caregiver and that no siblings accompany patients during office visits at this time.

Call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment at: (512) 610-7030