April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

5 Cool Down Techniques

13 Stress Relief Activities for Kids

Recognizing the Signs

Stress Management for Teens

Creating a Personal Stress Management Plan


Allergies, Coughing and Honey…Oh My!

During spring in central Texas, we see a lot of coughing. Coughs can be due to allergies, a virus, asthma, and rarely, a bacterial infection. Most of the time, a cough can be managed at home. 
Coughing is protective of the lungs and helps clear the airway. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend cough medicine in children under six years old for this very reason. Instead, children over one can use honey for a cough as it has been shown to be as effective as over the counter cough medicine in multiple studies. A great way to incorporate this is to make honey tea. A cough can sound different depending on the cause.

Recipe for honey tea: warm water, ½ tablespoon honey, and lemon. Remember, honey should not be given to children under the age of 1. If your child is under one with a cough and fever, the cough has lasted longer than two weeks (in an older child), or you are concerned in any way, we are happy to evaluate them in the office. 

By Heather Lewis, FNP















Article provided by Autism Society of America and Nickelodeon.


March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

As we see warmer temperatures, longer days, more rainfall, and blooming flowers and plants, we can expect to see an increase in allergies and springtime illnesses as well.  As you begin venturing outside more in the warmer weather after being stuck indoors during winter, engaging in outside activities, and traveling for spring break, we’ve listed a few ailments to watch out for.

Written by Dr. Emily Brown



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Practice Communication

Your child’s care team (including appointment coordinators, medical assistants and providers) now have the ability to communicate with you via secure text. You will receive a text message from our office via 866-466-9205 with a secure chat link to begin the communication process. Please make sure to add the number to your contacts!

This new platform should allow us to more quickly communicate test results, triage nurse line calls, and schedule or modify your appointment requests.

Patient Portal: As always, you can communicate with our providers and billing staff through the patient portal.


Appointment Scheduling

Our Online Scheduling through www.beansproutpediatrics.com has a new look! You can now see all available upcoming appointments by appointment type and/or time by selecting the option below, or pick your specific provider and see their appointment availability.

When scheduling an appointment through the website, you will be prompted to enter in your insurance information each time.

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You may be accustomed to confirming/canceling appointments with Phreesia text as well as checking in and communicating with staff, however, now you can also get an earlier appointment time that becomes available.  Texts for earlier appointment availability will look like the below.






February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

Long Haul COVID

We continue to see that the majority of children and teenagers that test positive for COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic infections. However, there are several post-COVID conditions that have been identified in children. There is a small subset that will continue with COVID symptoms even a month or longer after initial infection, referred to as long-haul COVID.

No one knows for sure how many people who have had COVID-19 develop long haul COVID. The studies that have been done took place prior to the Omicron variant. The U.K Office for National Statistics estimated that 12.9% of children 2 to 11 years old and 14.5% of children 12 to 16 years old still experienced symptoms 5 weeks after infection.

Long-haul COVID can occur even in people who had mild symptoms. It may present as the same symptoms as the original infection that will not go away or it may be new symptoms that develop after the original symptoms had improved.

The most common symptoms of long-haul COVID include fatigue or decreased physical endurance, difficulty thinking or concentrating (brain fog), cough, difficulty breathing, joint or muscle pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, mood changes, headache, fever, heart palpitations, loss of or changes in smell or taste, dizziness/lightheadedness. At this time, we do not know how long the symptoms will last.  Treatment depends on the specific symptoms.

There are no specific tests to diagnose long-haul COVID. Tests may be run to rule out other causes of the symptoms.  In some cases, a referral to a specialist may be indicated.

More research is needed to determine what causes long-COVID in some people and not others. The good news is that studies are showing that long-COVID is less frequent in those that are vaccinated against the SARS CoV2 virus.

Tips on Showing Love and Affection on Valentine’s Day and Every Day:

As we continue to deal with the stress and challenges of the pandemic, it is important to show love and support to our children on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Adapted from Ask the Pediatrician by Andrew Garner, MD, FAAP and the American Academy of Pediatrics David HIll, MD, FAAP

New ways to communicate with staff and make an appointment!

Practice Communication

Your child’s care team (including appointment coordinators, medical assistants and providers) now

have the ability to communicate with you via secure text. You will receive a text message from our office via 866-466-9205 (please add to your contacts!) with a secure chat link to begin the communication process.

This new platform should allow us to more quickly communicate test results, triage nurse line calls, and schedule or modify your appointment requests.

Patient Portal: As always, you can communicate with our providers and billing staff through the patient portal.


Appointment Scheduling

Our Online Scheduling through www.beansproutpediatrics.com has a new look! You can choose

to see all available upcoming appointments by appointment type and/or time by selecting the option below, or pick your spec

ific provider and see their appointment availability.

When scheduling an appointment through the website, you will be prompted to enter in your insurance information each time.

Patient Portal/My Privia App:
If you want to skip entering all of your information in each time, you can easily schedule appointments through the Patient Portal where all of your information is already in the system!

Phreesia Appointment Accelerator:

You may be now accustomed to confirming/canceling appointments with Phreesia text as well as checking in and communicating with staff; But now you can also get an earlier appointment time that becomes available.  Texts for earlier appointment availability will look like the below.

Formula Recall:

Which formulas, what to watch for, and what to do now.

Similac, Alimentum or EleCare, manufactured by Abbott. Do not use the formulas if:

  • The first two digits of the code are 22 through 37 and
  • The code on the container contains K8, SH, or Z2, and
  • The expiration date is 4-1-2022 (APR 2022) or later.

The code is printed on the product packaging near the expiration date (see product image).

These affected powdered infant formulas have the potential to be contaminated with Cronobacter, a bacterium that can cause severe foodborne illness primarily in infants.

What to watch for:

  • If your child is acting well, with normal appetite, wet diapers and bowel movements, do not worry.
  • If your child has already consumed one of the recalled formulas and is acting well, no action is needed.
  • Monitor for severe diarrhea, blood in the stool, lethargy, fever, vomiting, yellowing of the eyes, poor feeding, and/or labored breathing.

What to do:

  • If you have formulas involved in the recall, stop using that formula.  You can contact Abbott to start a return process similacrecall.co
  • If you are worried that your child is ill, please contact your provider immediately or if there is an emergency, please consider the closest children’s ER.

Read more about the recall – Abbott’s press release.


Closed 12/24-12/25

Unfortunately, we have been seeing another peak for COVID in our area. We are doing our best to accommodate the increase in phone calls, testing and appointment needs at this time.

We will be closed Friday 12/24 and Saturday 12/25 so that our providers and staff can take some much needed time with their families.

If a family member tests positive for COVID, please refer to the CDC isolation protocols for that individual, and quarantine protocols for family members. If you are having symptoms and have a positive rapid COVID test at home, there is no need to confirm that test with us, and can consider that a true positive.

Beansprouts/Lake Hills Pharmacy COVID Clinic

We are partnering with a local pharmacy, Lake Hills Pharmacy, to run a COVID vaccine clinic for pediatric patients aged 5-11 this Thursday, 11/11.Please click below to learn more or sign up.

COVID Clinic

October 2021 Newsletter

Beansprout Pediatrics, live, love, grow. October 2021 issue. A deeper look inside this issue: When Sleep Feels Spooky. Fear of the Dark. Nightmares Vs Night Terrors. Good Sleep Hygiene. COVID & Flu Shot Updates When Sleep Feels Spooky, by Kate Smith, CPNP. Whoever coined the phrase "sleep like a baby" must have had a good sense of humor or have never slept in the same home as an actual baby. Sleep and restful nights are a challenge for many families with young children. From fear of the dark,  nightmares, and night terrors, here are some suggestions for families to improve sleep hygiene at every age. Fear of the Dark. Fear of the dark is one of the most common childhood fears. It is developmentally normal starting around 2 years of age and is usually not a sign of a serious mental health problem. Helping your child to learn how to overcome their fear of the dark usually takes time and patience. You can talk with your child about what scares them while being sympathetic and acknowledging their fears. It usually does not help to belittle their fears or try to get them to "be brave." You may begin to gently encourage your child, without forcing them, to come face-to-face with their fears in small doses. For example, you may put a nightlight on or leave the door slightly open if that helps them to feel better, slowly weaning to a darker room for better sleep. You can also remind your child of their strengths to build their self confidence during times that they are afraid. Relaxation techniques like imagining a comforting place and sharing a positive family memory may also help. Nightmares vs Night Terrors. Nightmares and Night Terrors are two different sleep problems. What is the difference between them and how do we help children with them? Nightmare List: Nightmares occur in the second half of sleep called REM. They are unpleasant dreams that can cause anxiety and are usually well remembered by your child. Night terrors occur in the first part of sleep and have a quick onset of intense fear that may look like screaming, crying, and confusion. Unlike nightmares, a child usually will not remember a night terror. Nightmares are very common and occur in 90% of all children at one point or another while night terrors occur in about less than 10%. If your child has a nightmare, it is best to reassure them that they are safe, let them tell you about their dream, acknowledge that it must have been scary, and remind them that it was not real. It may also help to practice self soothing statements like "I am safe in my home and nothing can harm me." Once they have calmed down, they may be encouraged to go back to sleep. Night Terror List: If your child is having a night terror they may not be fully awake and may be difficult to wake. Episodes usually last less than 10 minutes and then your child will return to sleep immediately- as they were never truly awake to begin with. It is best to stay calm and avoid touching your child if they are physically safe during this episode. It can be unsettling to witness but night terrors are not dangerous and your child most likely will not remember that they happened. Though a child may have nightmares or night terrors for a period of time, these issues resolve spontaneously most of the time. Good sleep hygiene at every age! A list of suggestions: Have a consistent bedtime and wake time even on the weekends. Daily physical activity (but not right before bedtime) Make sure your sleep environment is cool, dark and comforting Get plenty of bright light in the morning time. Avoid electronics or bright lights for at least 30-60 minutes prior to bed. Avoid caffeine. Avoid heavy meals in the evenings. If sounds at bedtime or in the middle of the night make sleep difficult, a sound machine may be helpful. COVID and flu shot updates! we expect that COVID vaccines will soon be approved through Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA for children ages 5-11. We will follow AAP and CDC recommendations and will continue to offer this advice to our Beansprout Families. Flu Clinic is now open and available to the whole family. Schedule your family flu shots online or call our office for flu clinic Appointments. (512) 610- 7030 www.beansproutpediatrics.com

September Newsletter

 Flu Season: Section written by Dr. Ashley Cox, MD. As we enter fall, the upcoming flu season is on the horizon. With most people returning to in-person school and work, and with what we experienced with respiratory viruses this summer, we may have a more typical flu season this year as compared to last winter. For the 2021-2022 flu season, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a flu vaccine for all children aged 6 months and older. “Influenza vaccination is particularly important to protect vulnerable populations and reduce the burden of respiratory illnesses during circulation of SARS-CoV2.” The AAP is also recommending that all flu vaccines ideally be given before the end of October. For children under the age of 9 years who are receiving the flu vaccine for the first time or who have only ever had one dose prior to July 2021, a series of 2 doses given 4 weeks apart will be needed. Ideally all doses would be completed by the end of October. All influenza vaccines this year are quadrivalent, meaning they help protect against 2 strains of influenza A and 2 strains of influenza B. The 2 strains of influenza A in the 2021-2022 flu vaccine are different from the 2020-2021 vaccine. This means that even if your child received last season’s flu vaccine in spring of 2021, we do recommend getting this season’s flu vaccine this fall. The AAP also states that children with egg allergy can receive the flu vaccine without any additional precautions beyond those recommended for all vaccines. Families can schedule flu shots with Beansprout Pediatrics using the link below. Section 2: What are we seeing in our community right now? The following are some illnesses we are seeing this season. Rhinovirus ("Common Cold") Parainfluenza viruses (Croup viruses) RSV COVID-19 Stomach Viruses Hand Foot Mouth Virus Strep Throat Environmental Allergies- Ragweed, Tree Pollen, Grass Pollen, Mold Section 3: What to do if exposed to Covid? Adapted from Cook Children's Checkup Newsroom, August 31, 2021. By Diane Arnaout, M.D. What does the CDC consider a “direct or close” exposure to COVID-19? Being within 6 ft of someone infected for more than 15 minutes. The CDC does not consider it a “close exposure” in a classroom if both children are masked and more than 3 feet apart. What should I do if my child is directly exposed to COVID-19? Keep your child home for 10-14 days after exposure to the positive person. Make sure your child wears a mask in any indoor setting for 14 days, if over age 2. Incubation period can be up to 14 days– but if you get to day 10 and there are no symptoms, most of the time it is OK to end quarantine. Sometimes a negative test on Days 5-7 will allow return to school on Day 7 of quarantine if no symptoms appear. What if my child has been vaccinated and then exposed? Do they have to quarantine? Nope. If they are symptom-free, they do not have to quarantine. The CDC reccomends a COVID-19 test 3-5 days after exposure Your child should wear a mask indoors for a minimum of 14 days after the exposure, even if vaccinated. What should I do if someone in my house tests positive for COVID-19? Try to keep the individual who tested positive in their room as much as possible and have them use their own bathroom. If they are older than 2 years old, have them wear a mask in shared spaces. Do not share towels, cups, utensils or bathroom supplies. Wash your hands a lot. What if my kid has symptoms, but I don’t know of any positive contacts. What do I do? Typically if a child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 (which can look like a whole lot of other viruses and seasonal allergies), and they have no known exposures, Beansprout still recommends COVID testing. If it is negative, they can go back to school as long as fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. What if someone in my home tests positive for COVID? Can my child go to school? If your child is VACCINATED and has no symptoms, yes. Get a COVID test 3-5 days after the last close exposure to that person. Regardless of vaccine status, have the child wear a mask in indoor spaces for at least 14 days If unvaccinated, they need to quarantine for 10 days after their last exposure to that person. If the person with COVID cannot isolate (say a parent who must help with childcare), the child must quarantine for 24 days (14 days they could potentially catch it, and 10 days to become non-infectious if they do have it). Again, these times could be shortened with negative testing and no symptoms, as discussed above. Recommend COVID testing 5-7 days post exposure or at any time if COVID like symptoms develop. My child has been in close contact with someone who was positive for COVID, and is starting to show symptoms. What do I do? Don’t panic. Most of the time, COVID-19 is mild in children. Get your child a test for COVID. If the test is negative, consider another test in 24-48 hours (or if it was a rapid, consider a PCR). The child must isolate at home for at least 14 days from exposure. Have the child mask indoors for at least 10 days, if over age 2. My child tested positive for COVID-19, but has no symptoms. What do we do? Your child is infected and needs to be in isolation from others even though they don't have any symptoms. You may end your child’s isolation if 10 days pass after the positive test with no symptoms. If over age 2, have them mask in indoor spaces for at least 10 days. Section 4: Return to Sports After Covid-19. Return to play exam/clearance can be provided by Beansprout providers following mild cases of COVID. Growing evidence suggests a possibility for long term health effects following an infection with SARS-CoV-2. To help keep our patients safe, the following guidelines for sports clearance have been adapted from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The following is a flow chart of information regarding symptom severity and how to proceed with each level. Symptom severity. Asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic (Fewer than 4 days of fever, short duration of myalgia/chills/lethargy). Does your child have normal exam results & have no complicated medical history? If yes- 7 day gradual return to play if 10 days have passed from positive test and symptom free x 24 hrs. If no- Child will need to receive an ECG and cardiology referral before return to play. Moderately symptomatic (4 or more days of fever; myalgia, chills or lethargy; non-ICU hospital stay and no evidence of MIS-C. Children with moderately severe symptoms will need to receive an ECG and may need to receive clearance by a cardiologist. Severely symptomatic (ICU stay and/or intubation) OR MIS-C. Children with severe symptoms will need exercise restriction for 3-6 months and child will need to receive clearance by a cardiologist.

How to Schedule Appointments with Beansprout Pediatrics

Learn more about how to schedule appointments at Beansprout Pediatrics!

Using Phreesia to Pre-Register for Appointments

Our office is using Phreesia for pre-appointment COVID screening and touchless patient check-in. If this is your first time using Phreesia for a Beansprout appointment, please begin the pre-registration process at home before your appointment as the first time set up can take 7-10 minutes. Subsequent appointments will take 2-3 minutes to go through the Phreesia prompts.

We are not allowing patients to enter our facilities until the COVID screening portion of the pre-registration process in Phreesia is completed for the safety of our patients and employees. For each appointment scheduled, staff will request the cell phone number of the person bringing the patient to our office for direct texting capability through Phreesia. Masks are required in all locations for any person ages 3 and up.

I received A Letter From School Regarding COVID Exposure- now what?

We are getting many calls and messages from concerned parents asking for our professional recommendation in regard to these school notifices. Below are some common scenarios outlined:

  1. If there is household exposure, the person with COVID should isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms. Family members should quarantine (no school or activities), monitor for symptoms for 14 days, and test 5-7 days after exposure.
  2. If there is a school exposure, schools are currently not requiring quarantine but our providers feel that the safest thing to do for your family & community is to monitor symptoms for 14 days, & test 5 to 7 days after exposure. We strongly encourage quarantining from school & activities if there was a profound exposure (ie. continued exposure more than 15 minutes, less than 6 feet apart, or household contact).
  3. If a patient tests positive for COVID, they should not return to school or activities until 10 days have passed from the onset of symptoms. A negative test within that 10 day period does not constitute return to activities or school.

We strongly encourage masking while indoors or in crowded situations. We will adapt these recommendations as the situation changes. We recommend vaccination for those who are currently eligible.

June Newsletter

Summer tips, sun safety, bug bites and more!  

May 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 Newsletter

April’s newsletter, covering allergy testing, COVID vaccine questions, World Health Day and more!

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CDC Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated Individuals

What does the CDC advise for fully vaccinated individuals?

CDC Travel Recommendations- April 2021

The CDC’s new travel recommendations for fully vaccinated families:

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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March 2021 Newsletter & Mask Info

Mask Mandate Announcement


Health & Safety

With the announcement of the Texas mask mandate lift, Beansprout Pediatrics wants to confirm that we will continue requiring the use of face masks for all staff members as well as all patients upon entry at our Beecave, Spicewood, Dripping Springs & Belterra Offices. The Texas Medical Association, Travis County Medical Society, Austin Public Health, and CDC all advise continued social distancing and wearing masks in order to ensure the health & safety of our community. We will continue offering Virtual Visits, Curbside Testing, & in office well-check/physical visits at this time.

Thank you for supporting Beansprout Pediatrics during these unprecedented times and for keeping our community healthy & growing strong.


Drs. Grant and Temple

Behind the Mask

Masks are an important part of daily life that need no introduction. While many have adapted to wearing masks in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19, many people still have questions about the effectiveness of masks. Here is what the CDC advises based on their findings:

Your mask protects those around you

Your mask is a barrier that prevents respiratory droplets, which can contain the COVID-19 virus, from reaching others. Studies show that masks reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose & mouth. You should wear a mask even when you do not feel sick, and a mask is not a substitute for social distancing.

Masks help protect you

Just as your mask is a barrier preventing droplets from your person reaching others, masks can act as a filter & reduce the amount of infectious material you breath in. Multiple layers of cloth with higher thread counts have been shown to be more effective than single layers of cloth.

CDC Mask Guidelines


Winter Weather Update: Friday, February 19th

Update for Friday, February 19th:
  • All offices are closed today (Thursday, Feb 18th) and tomorrow morning (Friday, Feb 19th).
  • Belterra and BeeCave will be open tomorrow 1-5pm for already scheduled well child visits, and curbside testing (following virtual visits with a provider).
  • Dripping Springs and Spicewood will be closed all day. All appointments scheduled during closed office times are cancelled and can be rescheduled at a later date.
Thank you for your understanding and for staying cool (too cool, really) with us during this weather ❄️

Winter Storm update: February 15-18, 2021

All offices are closed for inpatient appointments due to road conditions.

We do have limited availability for virtual visits but due to rolling power outages and limited wifi/cellular service this can be spotty. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

If your child is having a medical emergency please call 911 or safely get to the nearest hospital.


We are monitoring the situation and will keep families updated throughout the week.

BCBS Notifications Correction

Our office has been informed you may have been sent a letter from BCBS notifying you of our providers being out-of-network. These letters were sent in error and we are, in fact, in-network. The error was due to switching over our information, as we have partnered with Privia Medical Group. Thank you for your understanding.

January Newsletter + Well Child Schedule

December Newsletter

This December, learn more about expecting a newborn during a pandemic, guidelines for safe holiday travel, and our holiday hours.

Coronavirus Update

With an increase in coronavirus cases and exposures in our direct area, Beansprout Pediatrics wanted to provide a printable newsletter with definitions and guidance about exposure, quarantine, and isolation.

Contact our office with any questions at: (512) 610-7030

November 2020 Newsletter

November Newsletter

With all the curve balls 2020 has thrown the world this year, it is a relief to see the holiday season finally upon us. Although the holidays will be a little different this year (prepare your bingo cards for commercials of Santa scratching his head about how to deliver gifts while social distancing, and snowmen wearing masks), this year more than ever brings focus to the importance of family and community during times of hardship.

This Thanksgiving, Beansprout Pediatrics is grateful for the wonderful families and the community that we serve. We wish you and your families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!



Staying Safe this Halloween

Halloween may look a little different this year in order to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will be a good time to teach the importance of protecting ourselves and others while still being creative.  Here are some ways we can still have fun while being safe!  



Look for community events in outdoor venues in your area.  Continue social distancing practices (keep 6 feet or more away from others, avoid large crowds, and avoid clustering in one area), wearing masks, and wash hand frequently



Host an online costume party with friends and family


Pumpkin decorating  (Always be careful with little fingers if carving.  Painting or markers may be a safer alternative for little hands)


Spooky movie night


Making Halloween treats




Organize an outdoor costume parade for children on your street or in your neighborhood.  Keep participants 6 feet apart and wear a face mask.  Remember that a costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth face covering or medical mask unless it has multiple layers of soft breathable fabric and covers the mouth and nose snugly.  




If there is trick or treating in your neighborhood, avoid large groups and clustering.  If you hand out treats, consider setting up outside and having individually prepackaged treat bags.  Remember to wear a mask if you are handing out treats.


We still are not sure how much COVID-19 spreads from touching objects.  It may be best to wipe off the packages or let them sit for a few days.  Good hand washing before and after trick or treating and hand sanitizer throughout will be important.  

October News

October updates for Beansprout Pediatrics!

Featuring news about flu shots, rapid COVID testing, our new Belterra office, & what to do when your child is sick.

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live. love. grow July Newsletter

Beansprout Pediatrics has been deligently following steps to keep families coming into our offices happy and healthy.  To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff we are:


DISINFECTING: Beansprout thoroughly cleans and disinfects all surfaces with CDC recommended disinfectants/cleaners with increased frequency providing our families with a clean and safe environment.

VISITOR RESTRICTIONS: Only one parent/caregiver may accompany patient(s) in office.

SCREENING: 1-2 days prior to an appointment, our admin team will contact you to review our new protocols, as well as provide a number to call or text once you’ve arrived for your appointment. Each caregiver and patient are thoroughly screened upon arrival for thier appointment, before entering the office.

MASKING: Everyone over the age of 3 years must wear a mask at all times while in our offices.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: A Beansprout Team member with a mask on meets patient and parent/caregiver at the front door, provides hand sanitizer, and then immediately escorts them to an exam room.



July 2020

Dear Beansprout Families,

We are now 4 months into the most challenging public health crisis of our careers. This summer is Beansprout’s 10 year anniversary, and nothing like a novel virus pandemic as an anniversary gift!

COVID-19 is still here, and although challenging, we have adapted to continue to provide excellence of care to all of our families. We feel it is our duty as your healthcare provider to share our evidence and practice-based suggestions so that you can make the best choices to protect and care for your family.

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation in our community very closely, and are adapting to new conditions and concerns on a daily basis.

We have maintained a separation of well and sick appointments, and we feel that this has been well received by our patients and their families.

We will continue to do this for as long as it is necessary.

We appreciate your flexibility with scheduling, in-car and curbside testing and visits, to make this possible.

With fall and winter on the horizon, we plan to have a clear process on what to do if your child gets sick. This will include accurate, rapid testing at Beansprout locations for COVID, Flu, RSV, and Strep.

We feel that by having access to accurate, same-day testing is important, especially if students are returning to the classroom.

We will continue to offer virtual visits for acute illness. Any concern for COVID must start with a virtual visit. We will expand upon in-office visits for wellness checks and low COVID risk complaints (musculoskeletal injuries, concussion, behavioral health etc.).

We encourage you to meet with our providers, either in office for well visits, or through our virtual platform, to address any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Overall, as we see increased community spread of COVID-19, our patients and their families have done well. However, COVID-19 has proven to be scary, unpredictable, and widespread.

Please read our newsletter for information regarding school, office safety procedures, and other news.

Enjoy the rest of summer, albeit one for the record books, and stay well!

Drs. Grant and Temple



By Michelle Murphy, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner


The decision to have your child return to school in the fall amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is a complex decision based on a variety of factors. There are no formal guidelines, but there are things to consider. In-person learning does have proven benefits, including better learning environments, less social isolation, increased physical activity, food security, and improved mental health. When schools shut down in the spring semester, consider how your child fared in these areas when deciding to go back to school in the fall or continue with distance-learning.

Distance-learning should be encouraged for certain children and adolescents. A child that lives in a home with elderly or other high-risk family members may be putting them at risk by attending school in-person. If your child has an underlying health condition, they can be at higher risk of developing COVID-19 as well as more serious complications. These health conditions include:

  • Chronic lung disease (aka bronchopulmonary dysplasia)
  • Pulmonary insufficiency
  • Moderate to severe asthma
  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Primary immunodeficiencies 
  • Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
  • HIV
  • Cancer
  • Stem cell transplant
  • Solid organ transplant
  • Autoimmune disorders

It should be noted that healthy siblings of children with these underlying health conditions may be fine to attend school if they are strictly adhering to safety protocols. 

Aside from these points, there are unique situations for every household that may limit available options. There are questions that all families can ask of schools. If you ask for the school’s preparedness plan, they should be able to tell you the plan for enforcing social distancing, facial coverings, and disinfecting as well as other proposed safety measures. Will there be staggered drop-off times? Will the number of people in the hallways between periods be limited? Will desks be spaced out? Will adult interaction be limited (i.e. virtual meetings for school staff and limited lounge access)? How often will surfaces be cleaned? Facial coverings should likely be expected in middle school and high school-aged students. For elementary-aged children, try having them get used to wearing a mask over the summer so it will be less of an adjustment if they do need to wear one at school. 

Parents, this is a scary and stressful time. Know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for making the decision to attend school in-person or not. Please note that for families whose parents and/or caregivers are differing in their decision to return to school, Beansprout Pediatrics will not be able to make any judgments about what is right for your family. If your child will likely be attending school in-person in the fall, here are a few ideas to make that transition easier and as safe as possible for your family. As mentioned above, practice wearing masks now. Ensure your child knows how to practice proper hand hygiene by washing your hands together while singing part of a song for 20 seconds. Additionally, encouraging all family members to receive flu shots in the fall will be important now more than ever to reduce strain on young immune systems while also reducing strain on hospitals.

Screening, Curbside, and Masks- Oh My!

With things slowly reopening, Beansprout Pediatrics is still taking steps to keep families coming into our offices happy and healthy.  To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff we are:


Calling to pre-screen families coming in to clinic the day before their appointment.

We are calling to verify everyone coming into clinic is healthy with no cough, fever, or exposure to COVID-19.

 If you have an office visit, expect a call from our staff the day before your appointment. Feel free to call us for screening questions the day before your appointment as well:

(512) 610-7030

Offering Curbside Check-In (no more waiting rooms, yay!). When you arrive, please wait in your car and TEXT your office with the special SPROUT check-in line:

[This number is for car side check-in via TEXT only]
Bee Cave (512) 553-8877
Dripping Springs (512) 559-4742
Spicewood (512) 489-0256
Requesting everyone ages 3 and up wear a mask when coming into the office!

We are also encouraging only 1 caregiver come with patients to their appointment to limit the number of people in clinic at one time.

And of course, we are keeping our offices clean and thoroughly disinfecting everything!

If you have any questions, please call us at (512) 610-7030



Feed the Frontlines Fundraiser

Help Beansprout Pediatrics and Frontline Foods ATX support Austin’s first responders, medical providers & all essential workers! All net proceeds from the sale of these yard signs will go entirely to FrontLineFoods.org in Austin.

Signs can be picked up at our Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, or Spicewood office. Please call our office at 512-610-7030 at least 30 minutes before you plan to come pick up your sign after placing your order!

Click here to order a sign today!


Appointment Scheduling Notice

The safety of our patients and visitors remains our top priority. Many of you with pre-scheduled appointments in May and June may have recently received an appointment cancellation notice. A staff member will call you shortly to reschedule your appointment during our designated well visit hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Until further notice, each of our locations are seeing *only* well patients in the morning and virtual sick visits in the afternoon out of an abundance of care during COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and thank you for allowing us to care for your little ones 🌱


Curbside Visits & Check-in

For families coming into clinic for well child checks or for curbside visits scheduled by a provider following a virtual visit, drive to the office you are scheduled at and once parked, remain in your vehicle and contact the office you are scheduled at. This is a special number only for curbside visits. Any calls or questions regarding your child’s health and scheduling should be directed to our main line.

[This number is for car side check-in only]
Bee Cave  (512) 553-8877                     (Please Text)
Dripping Springs  (512) 610-7030; Ext 201# (Please Call)
Spicewood (512) 489-0256                     (Please Text)
 In your  message, please include:

🌱Your child’s name & date of birth

🌱The color/model of your car

A staff member will be with you to either conduct a curbside visit or to escort you and your child straight into an exam room after check in. If you have any questions or trouble checking in via curbside, please call our main office line: (512) 610-7030

Beansprout News and Information

To better serve our patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home order, Beansprout Pediatrics will be sending out our “live love grow” Newsletter whenever we have any news or updates.  Doctors Grant & Temple have begun a weekly “sproutkast”, where they will answer your questions and concerns and share their insights & recommendations. Please look for our weekly Instagram Story & Facebook poll to post questions, or email questions to our social media email: bspmeghan@gmail.com

Before we began seeing the coronavirus locally, Beansprout took action.  First and foremost, protocols were implemented to keep our patients, as well as our staff, safe. The staff at Beansprout is having continued education on infection control.  Each provider has a team and designated office location consisting of 1 administrative staff & 1 nurse.

Well Check ups

Well check ups and vaccinations that we provide for your child are essential in preventing disease.  We are following the recommendations from the CDC and The American Academy of Pediatrics and will continue to recommend our patients schedule their wellness exams.
Wellness appointments are available each weekday 8am – 12 noon.  Each of our office locations have one designated wellness provider. On the day of your scheduled appointment, both patient & parent are screened for possible exposure to the COVID-19. Parents are asked to arrive with a mask or scarf, or we will have one available.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an admin team member wearing gloves and a mask, and you will be immediately escorted to a wellness room. Each exam room is thoroughly disinfected before each patient arrives. Both the nurse and provider will have masks (3 to be exact!). Payment & updating of demographics is done prior to visit, so that parent & child can leave as soon as the exam is completed, and please be assured you will not come into contact with any other patients.

Virtual Visits
If your child is sick, needs a medication follow-up, or a behavioral medicine appointment, we are able to offer telemedicine 7 days a week!  These virtual visits can be scheduled directly from our website: beansproutpediatrics.com or by calling our office. Our telemedicine platform is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Once scheduled, you will receive information on how to connect & join the visit using your laptop or desktop computer. To help prepare for the visit:

-Choose a well lit space
-Have a flashlight or even a cell phone flashlight available.
-A list of all current medications.
-Your child’s current temperature and weight.
-A list of concerns.
-Pharmacy name and location.

If during the virtual visit it is apparent that a test is required such as strep, urine, or flu, or if the provider needs to look at your child’s ear or listen to their lungs, we will schedule your child in the afternoon at the office location most convenient for you.

Once you arrive, call the number provided by the provider at the end of your virtual visit. Either the provider or nurse will come out to your vehicle, or have you meet them under the tent.  Providers and nurses will be in full protective personal equipment – PPE. These clinicians are not seeing well patients and do not come into contact with our wellness teams. Tests are performed in an outdoor isolated area.

Complimentary Virtual Prenatal Consultations 
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all parents-to-be visit a pediatrician during the third trimester of pregnancy, as it is an important first step in establishing a trusted relationship and supportive medical home for their child.

Beansprout has always offered complimentary prenatal consultations and now with technology, we are pleased we can continue this virtually. The prenatal visit affords prospective parents an opportunity to learn about Beansprout Pediatrics, our approach to child healthcare and the newborn’s initial medical care during the early weeks after the delivery.

With everything going on currently, this consultation will put you at ease knowing that we have safeguards in place and a team of professionals that put patient care and safety first.

Live, Love & Grow with Beansprout Pediatrics!

Beansprout Pediatrics

Austin-Bee Cave
Dripping Springs

Beansprout and COVID-19 update

March 31, 2020

We hope that our Beansprout families are staying well!
We wanted to share a couple of things with you and keep you updated.


We are offering Telemedicine visits 7 days a week!

A Virtual Visit is a great opportunity to discuss behavioral health (ADHD, anxiety, depression), for medication follow ups, and follow ups on chronic illnesses such as eczema, asthma, allergies, etc.

It is also a great way to ask questions about COVID, COVID testing, exposure and/or other concerns related to the virus.  We do not have an in-house test for COVID but can help direct you if testing is needed or coordinate care if your child needs to be seen.

In light of COVID on the forefront right now, we still have our seasonal illnesses such as allergies, eczema, conjunctivitis, strep throat… to name a few.

We are seeing all acute sick visits via telemedicine and your provider may coordinate next steps to have the patient come to a location for point of care curbside tests such as strep, flu or RSV.  We may also do curbside ear checks, lung checks, skin checks. Our goal is to maintain a safe, well environment for the infants and children coming into the office for their wellness exams. Our staff will also be in protective gear for safety reasons.

Wellness Visits

All 3 offices are open for newborn and wellness appointments each morning M-F. We are prioritizing well visits for 4 and younger, but can still see older children for well visits requiring vaccinations.  We will have screening questions the day of the appointment to make sure that the patient and everyone in the household is symptom free of any acute illness prior to being seen.

Well checks with immunizations are a vital part of your child’s health.  Vaccines prevent illness and spread of illness. With the world struggling with COVID-19 and all eyes and ears hoping for an expeditious vaccine, it made me think about the importance of the vaccines that we do have.  If patients get off track with regular immunizations, we could see a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.

Community Shout Out

Lastly, we  would like to thank our Beansprout families & the local community, we have seen amazing support, donations of supplies, homemade mask covers, treats and praise!

We are so lucky to be part of this special community and are honored to be the medical home for your children!   We hope for a return to normal practice soon! In the meantime, thank you for your patience with this new way to practice pediatrics!

A word from our providers: Do the #beansprout

March 17th Announcement

Newsletter highlights:

  1. Acute Sick Visits Must Be Seen First Via Virtual Visits
  2. Confirmation of Patient Health Before Appointments
  3. Limit to One Family Member accompanying Patients
  4. Alternative Appointment Waiting Areas

Virtual Visits & Curbside Check-in

Social Distancing & Virtual Visits

Beginning March 17th, in adherence to social distancing and minimizing exposure risk, ALL sick visits must start as a virtual visit with a provider. From there our providers will guide you and determine the next steps for your child’s healthcare. If a test or physical examination is required, a provider will arrange a visit at one of our clinics where our team can meet with you and your child out in the comfort of your family vehicle. In order to reduce risk of exposure, it is requested that only one caregiver and no siblings accompany your child to their appointment. We thank you for your understanding and for maintaining our community’s health during this time.

Virtual visits can be scheduled online and with our scheduling coordinators.

More information about our virtual visits (also known as Telemedicine) can be found here.

Curbside Visits & Check-in

If a physical visit is necessary and scheduled by a provider, drive to the office you are scheduled at and once parked, remain in your vehicle and contact the office you are scheduled at. This is a special number only for curbside visits. Any calls or questions regarding your child’s health and scheduling should be directed to our main line.

[This number is for car side check-in only]
Bee Cave  (512) 553-8877                     (Please Text)
Dripping Springs  (512) 610-7030; Ext 201# (Please Call)
Spicewood (512) 489-0256                     (Please Text)

                                                               In your  message, please include:

                                                              * Your child’s name & date of birth

                                                              * The color/model of your car

                                                              *  Location in parking lot

One of our team members will meet you at your car to examine your child and/or to escort you and your child into our office.
Again, it is requested that only one caregiver and that no siblings accompany patients during office visits at this time.

Call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment at: (512) 610-7030

COVID-19 Chat with Dr. Temple and Dr. Grant

Dr. Temple and Dr. Grant address concern about COVID-19 and our clinics’ policies at this time. For more information, see our Newsletter and keep up to date with the most current information over at the CDC website.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our community healthy. Together we can limit the spread of Coronavirus and see toilet paper on our shelves again once more.

Walk In Clinic Changes, COVID-19, and Renovations

*March 16th update: In adherence to social distancing and to minimize exposure risk to COVID-19, ALL sick visits are to now be scheduled as virtual visits. More information here*

[Original March 12th Post]


Helpful Resources

Coronavirus and Travel in the United States

What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

What to do if you were potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19

What to do if you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19

The CDC has the most up-to-date guidance on how to prevent or limit your exposure.

Information and resources for Helping Children and Teens Cope with Anxiety About COVID-19

Upcoming Renovations and Office Closure

We are renovating our Bee Cave office during the month of March. In order to minimize disruption, we will be closing our Bee Cave office only during the week of Spring Break as well as Saturdays in March.

Please visit one of our other convenient locations
⦁ 20424 Haystack Cove, Spicewood TX (6 miles west on Hwy 71)
⦁ 2440 E. Highway 290, Dripping Springs TX
Call to schedule an appointment 512.610.7030
Or schedule online www.beansproutpediatrics.com


Bee Cave Closure Dates:
Saturday Sick Clinic (moved to Spicewood location)
⦁ 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28
LTISD Spring Break
⦁ Friday 3/13 – Monday 3/23

Please visit one of our other convenient locations
⦁ 20424 Haystack Cove, Spicewood TX (6 mi west on Hwy 71)
⦁ 2440 E. Highway 290, Dripping Springs TX

Call to schedule an appointment 512.610.7030
Or schedule online www.beansproutpediatrics.com

March 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

Ear Piercing Services

Did you know that Beansprout Pediatrics provides ear piercing services in addition to our regular health services? Give us a call to learn more about getting your child’s ears pierced at (512) 610-7030 !

Availability is as follows:

Bee Cave w/ Courtney Heck: Tuesday-Friday
Bee Cave w/ Jennifer Loaiza: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Dripping Springs w/Jennifer Loaiza: Friday

The Art of the Flu Shot

Welcome Dr. Ashley Cox!

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Ashley Cox! Dr. Cox is a board-certified pediatrician that has been practicing medicine for the past 11 years with Texas Children’s in Houston. We could not be more pleased that she chose to join us and to become part of our wonderful community.  Dr. Cox will be accepting new patients as of June 3rd at both our Bee Cave and Dripping Springs locations and will be the primary physician at our third location in Spicewood opening this fall.

Congratulations Danielle Grant, M.D.


Beansprouts very own Dr. Grant was nominated and selected by other physicians as among the best in the region in her medical specialty, Pediatrics! Beansprouts is honored to have such talented staff

Walk-in Sick Clinic Bee Cave & Dripping Springs!

We offer a walk-in, sick only clinic for our established patients every weekday morning between the hours of 8:00am – 9:00am.  Both office locations.  For same-day sick appointments call prior to 12:00pm.

Read More

Beansprout After Hours Bee Cave

Mon-Thu 5 – 7pm, Fri 5 – 6pm & Saturdays 8am-12pm for sick patients by appointment only. For urgent matters outside these hours, call our office. Evenings and Saturdays!

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Beansprout Pediatrics Dripping Springs!

Beansprout Pediatrics Dripping Springs.  We are located next to Flores Mexican Restaurant on highway 290, just  4 miles west of Belterra.  Our Dripping Springs location is convenient to families living off Hamilton Pool Road or in Oak Hill, Circle C, Wimberly & Buda. We offer same day sick visits with seperate well – infant – sick waiting areas.