We would like to see your baby upon discharge from the hospital. Please let your nursery know that you will be following up with us. Please call our office before leaving the hospital to schedule your first newborn visit!

What to expect in the hospital

  • Examination: Your baby will be examined by one of the newborn specialists in the hospital. These physicians are on staff at the hospital, attend some deliveries, and examine the baby in the nursery and upon discharge.
  • Newborn Screen: Before discharge from the hospital, the baby will be tested for a number of metabolic disorders via a NEWBORN SCREEN, required by the state of Texas. We will repeat this test here at the office at the 2 week check up.
  • Prevention & Vaccines: After the delivery, your newborn will receive an injection of vitamin K to help boost clotting factors in the baby’s blood system. An antibiotic will be applied to their eyes to treat any possibility of infection after delivery. The umbilical cord will also be dried. You will be asked if you would like the baby to receive the first of their Hepatitis B vaccines.