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Physicians & public health experts have worked hard to come up with the optimal vaccination schedule, affording the most complete and safest protection possible. It is not advisable to skip or delay vaccines, as this will leave the child vulnerable to disease for a longer period of time. Parents should discuss any concerns with their child’s provider at their well check-ups.

age vaccine brand name manufacturer
birth HepB @ hospital
2 months (*DTap, IPV, Hib), PCV, HepB, Rota Pentacel, Prevnar13, Engerix, Rotateq Sanofi, Pfizer,GSK, Merck
4 months (*DTap, IPV, Hib), PCV, Rota Pentacel, Prevnar13, Rotateq Sanofi, Pfizer, merck
6 months (*DTap, IPV, Hib), PCV, HepB, Rota Pentacel, Prevnar13, Engerix, Rotateq Sanofi, Pfizer, GSK, Merck
12 months PCV, MMR, Varicella Prevnar13, MMR II, Varivax Pfizer, Merck, Merck
15 months HepA Vaqta Merk
18 months  (*DTap, IPV, Hib) Pentacel Sanofi
24 months HepA Vaqta Merck
4 years (*DTap, IPV), MMR, Varicella Quadracel, MMRII, Varivax Sanofi, merck, Merck
11-12 years Tdap, MCV4, HPV Adacel, Menactra, gardasil9 Sanofi, Sanofi, Merck
16-18 MCV4, Meningococcal Group B Menactra, Trumemba Sanofi, Pfizer


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