Allergy Testing & Therapy

Please Note: Services might be altered/limited due to COVID-19 at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer patients immunotherapy allergy drops that are administered at home orally.  No more weekly visits to the doctor office for allergy shots!  Naturally occurring allergenic extracts are used to formulate a customized allergy treatment. This effective natural product is free of the chemicals and compounds found in traditional allergy medications.

It all starts with a quick finger stick blood spot test performed in our office.  Results accurately identify the specific allergen sensitivities for both food and environmental allergens. Within a week, we will know exactly what your child is reacting to– is it the molds or cedar, or is it cow’s milk or soy?  If it is a food sensitivity that your child suffers from, our providers will help you identify trigger foods and formulate a diet that will help with the adverse reactions to these specific foods.

If your child suffers from environmental allergies, we can get a jump on next year by starting immunotherapy now.  We have seen tremendous success with at-home allergy drops.  These drops are customized to your child’s specific sensitivities by Oasis.

With a few drops administered under the tongue daily, we are seeing most children decrease or eliminate allergy medications in 3-6 months while building up a natural safe immunity to the allergen that is causing those uncomfortable allergy symptoms.