ADHD Assessment & Developmental Screening

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ADHD and ADD are among the most common childhood disorders in the United States.  If your child is showing signs of ADD or ADHD, please call our office to make an appointment to have your child screened.

Symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are present in over 10 percent of school-age children, and include disorganization, difficulty staying on task, frequent daydreaming, impulsivity, and fidgeting.

Diagnosing ADHD includes a series of observational and hands on measures to get an accurate diagnosis. Our pediatricians will gather information regarding your child’s behaviors at home and school, as well as sleep patterns, diet, and family routines and medical history.

Every child is unique, and if diagnosed, our pediatricians enter into shared decision-making with families to help arrive at a consensus about the best treatment and the one the family wants to pursue.  Management plans could include stimulant medication, behavioral reinforcement techniques, behavioral therapy and or psychological counseling.   Our pediatricians are also well suited to help manage conditions that may co-occur with ADHD, such as other developmental or psychiatric conditions, behavioral issues (eg, sleep difficulties, feeding disorders, aggression/irritability/self-injury, wandering, pica), and medical conditions (eg, allergy, gastrointestinal [GI] symptoms/disorders, immune abnormalities, seizures, and tic disorders).

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