concussion testing

Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity. As children and athletes of all ages are playing longer and harder than ever before, the potential for concussion (classified as a mild traumatic brain injury -TBI), continues to increase.

Fortunately, with proper management and careful return to participation, the ability to protect the long-term health of athletes is more effective than ever. The ImPACT Concussion Management Model promotes the highest level of care and a safe return to play for athletes of all ages, from younger children (ages 10 and up) to collegiate and professional athletes.

To get started, call our office to schedule the baseline test. This test is recommended when your child is getting their sport physical with us. It's affordable and will provide peace of mind, knowing that if a concussion occurs, you and your provider will be well prepared to manage it effectively. Even without a baseline test, ImPACT's scientific approach and comprehensive data can take some of the guesswork out of when it's safe to return to play.

ImPACT is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world.


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