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May,1, 2017


Dripping Springs

Beansprout Pediatrics now offers our new Dripping Springs location. With the most modern technology available, easy parking, and  seperate well - sick - & infant waiting areas.

Dripping Springs office will also offer the popular walk in sick clinic each weekday mornings form 8-9am, for established patients with simple sick visits.

Dr. Grant & Dr. Temple will both be at this location each week, along with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Dripping Springs native, Jennifer Loaiza. 

Stay connected for upcoming exciting news about our new pediatrician and her family that are moving to the hill country.  This Board Certified Pediatrician will be mostly at our Dripping Springs office.


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February 9, 2017

Well, February is off to a busy start here at Beansprout Pediatrics!  This is one of the busiest flu and respiratory seasons than we have ever seen.
We are here for our patients and all of our staff stays late every day to make sure that all of our patients get seen in a timely manner.
Please understand that with this increase in sickness, there may be longer wait times than normal.  However, if our waiting room seems crowded, our providers may still be running on time.  Please don't hesitate to ask when you check in.  The increase in volume will resolve once the flu abates.  If you encounter a longer than average wait time, it is because some visits are more serious than others, and we don't know that until we lay eyes on the patient.  Certain visits require more of our time and resources to make sure that a child is safe enough to go home.  Anything from multiple breathing treatments to EMS coordination can set us back more than we expect. We appreciate your understanding during this stressful time.  The last thing we want is for you to have to wait, but believe me, if you do, it is for a good reason and for the health of a child.  We want to give each patient the appropriate amount of time with our providers to deliver the comprehensive care that is necessary.  
Our walk in hours Monday - Friday from 8-9 am are very popular and we get wonderful feedback about how helpful this walk in hour is for our families.  If you are coming in for a walk in appointment, please make sure that the problem is not complex.  Ear pain, sore throat, cough, rash are some examples of non-complex acute visits.  Any chronic issues (chronic abdominal pain, ADHD, depression, anxiety) are better suited for a scheduled appointment with the provider of your choice.  Also, it is better to arrive  as close to 8 am as possible, as our scheduled appointments start promptly after 9 am.
We are expanding our provider network and opening another location in Dripping Springs to help manage our ever-growing business.  It is because of your support and praises that we continue to grow and expand, and we thank you for that!  We love what we do and we are honored to serve you and your loved ones!

Danielle Grant, MD  & Brian Temple, MD


A Different Perspective on Wait Times

Let’s face it. No one wants to be in a doctor’s office. You’re either there with a healthy child who is bouncing off the walls and anxious about a vaccination, or you’re there with a child who is sick and just wants to be lying down, cuddling with mom or dad on the sofa. And there’s nothing worse than having long waits to see the doctor. Or is there?

Last week I was at yet another appointment when a lady walked in carrying her baby. The waiting room was nearly empty, just me, my son and another dad and his child. It was easy to overhear the entire conversation she had with the receptionist. She wanted to know what steps she needed to take to get her children’s medical records sent to another pediatrician’s office. She was tired of the long waits at this office. She explained that during her last visit she waited 45 minutes and her time was too valuable to waste. While obviously frustrated with the situation, this lady was still polite and I do not mean to be dismissive of her concerns. The receptionist handled the situation very professionally. She was polite, never defensive, apologetic and even made sure the lady had no issues with the care her children received and that she’d had ample time to discuss any concerns with the doctor. But it was what she said next that caught my attention. “There is no reason any parent should need more than 10-15 minutes with the doctor, so how do they get so far behind?” To this the receptionist had no answers, but I did. I was debating answering the question when the nurse called us back for our appointment. I’ve regretted it ever since.

That one statement told me so much about her. Her children were relatively healthy. She’d never had a doctor’s appointment with a 2-year-old and 1-year-old struggling to breathe due to pneumonia and needing breathing treatments and hospitalizations. She’d never had a doctor explain her child needed to see specialists because there may be a problem. She’d never looked in the doctor’s eyes while being told her child had a brain tumor, cancer, or chronic health issues. She never had to ask question after question about surgeries a doctor was recommending. She never had a child rushed to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital because something as simple as strep put their life in jeopardy.

I never complain about long waits at the doctor’s office. Not anymore. Instead, I am grateful to be seeing a doctor willing to spend the time necessary to correctly diagnose a child and answer questions of a concerned parent. I’m grateful for all the times a doctor has spent extra time with my child to make sure he is OK. I think of the times when a doctor has worked my son in between scheduled appointments even though it was going to mess up his or her schedule for the rest of the day. I’ve listened to the apology given by a doctor for being late because the child in front of us had stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the hospital. While sitting in the waiting room my mind isn’t on the clock, it’s thinking about the parents who needed extra time with the doctor that day and hoping their children are OK. If you are a parent who thinks there is no reason an appointment should take more than 10-15 minutes… stop and take a moment to be thankful your children are healthy.