New to Beansprout?

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, use the patient portal access emailed to you to begin your child's health record.

Please fill out and send  Medical Records Release form to your former pediatrician.  It is very important that we have your child's medical history. We must have your child's immunization records at, or before your first visit to our office. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. 


Newborn Visits

Before leaving the hospital, call and set up your first appointment for your newborn; this should be within 3 days of discharge. It is important to bring with you all discharge paperwork (baby Papers). This includes all information about Mom's delivery and baby's birth information.


Well Visits (Newborn - Age 3)

Bringing your child in for regular wellness exams is an important part of his/ her healthcare.  Our practice follows the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommended schedule for well child care. During the first three years of life, our primary focus during well visits is to monitor each child’s growth and development, identify and treat developmental or medical problems, give routine childhood immunizations, and provide education and guidance to parents. Topics we commonly discuss include nutrition, sleep questions, speech development, toilet training, school readiness, sibling and family issues, as well as the normal developmental expectations for each stage of early childhood. Please schedule well in advance so that you may choose the date and time that works best for you.


Annual Checkup (Ages 3-20)

We would like to see each child for an annual physical exam. This is a comprehensive exam where, in addition to medical problems and management, we explore how our patients are progressing in other important areas: at home, in school, and with friends. During middle school and teenage years we pay particular attention to each child's academic progress, social development and emotional adjustment.
Although most insurance plans cover an annual physical, you should contact your carrier to determine whether your coverage is based on the plan year or the calendar year.  Whenever possible, a parent should accompany a child under 18 years of age to well visits to facilitate first-hand communication between provider and parent, and to authorize the necessary immunizations. A caregiver's permission is acceptable at either a sick or well visit only if a parent has completed a  Consent to Treat a Minor form to authorize treatment.


Sick Visits

We are prepared to see any sick child who needs to be examined Monday through Friday.  Call our office early in the day to request a same day appointment with the next available provider. Although we will make every effort to schedule your child's sick visit with the provider of your choice, the schedule may not always permit this. Sick visits for chronic complaints usually require more provider time than acute problems. When you call, please tell the appointment coordinator if the problem has been recent or long-standing.


Walk-in Hours

We offer walk-in hours  for established patients who need a brief focused visit (rash, sore throat, earache) Monday through Friday between 8:00-9:00 AM.  New patients or patients with chronic complaints require a regularly scheduled office visit.