Request Refills from the Patient Portal

medication refills

Requests for prescription refills can be addressed to the pharmacy, they will contact us for approval.  If your child needs a  prescription refill  on medication that we have not yet refilled. Please call the prescription line during regular office hours, leave detailed information about the medication your child needs and the pharmacy to send it to.  Please allow 24 hours.  Medications cannot be refilled after hours.


ADD/ADHD prescription refills

ADD & ADHD medications are classified as a controlled substance. These refills should be requested  by calling the office and selecting the prescription refill line.  Please request five days before the prescription runs out. 

To continue to refill your child’s medicine, two visits are required each year; a well child visit and a follow up visit six months later.



We will prescribe antibiotics when medically indicated. Often times your child will have a viral infection, which is not cured or treated with antibiotics.